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Texas Mattress is owned and operated by Joe and Rita Alesi. We specialize in CUSTOM SIZE MATTRESSES, boxsprings, and foundations for Antique Beds Mattresses. We are a factory direct manufacturer for special and standard size mattresses or sets.

Joe has made mattresses since 1956.

Texas Mattress can produce many types of CUSTOM MATTRESS for antique or odd size beds, such as Sleigh, Iron, Rope, Four Poster, Jenny Linde, and Round or Heart shaped beds.

Joe & Rita have made a decision that, due to the demand for a quality mattress set that is made in the U.S.A., we have made exclusive use of the INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED COILS in all of our mattress sets, as well as quality foam bed mattresses, such as a Memory Foam Mattress or a Latex Mattress.

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Marshal Coils, also called "pocketed coils." Each coil is wrapped in a fabric encasement, and is usually tempered twice, once with heat and once with electricity. The brand Simmons uses pocketed coils in its Beautyrest mattresses. Additionally, when two people sleep on the same mattress, the individually wrapped (or individually pocketed) coils provide motion separation (when one person tosses and turns, the other doesn't feel it.) This is important because when one person tosses and turns, it may not completely wake the other person, but, it can take them out of a deep sleep which is when the body does all of its regeneration. When a sleeper is undisturbed at night they can fall into that deep sleep faster, stay in a deeper sleep longer, and wake up feeling more refreshed because it allows the sleeper to get more use out of their sleep.

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We strongly suggest that you do not alter an antique bed to fit standard bedding.

Pricewise-it is no more expensive to have a quality custom mattress, and, of course, all work is guaranteed.

We will come to your home or shop for measurements, in Houston, Austin, and surrounding areas. All other areas, we will walk you through the measurements.

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Email: rita@texasmattress.com


TEXAS MATTRESS and its sister companies, ANTIQUE MATTRESS and MARINE MATTRESS specialize in CUSTOM sizes and shapes of MATTRESS FOR ANTIQUE BED and the marine industry.